Southwire Facility in Huntersville, NC Recognized for the Fourth Year with Air Compliance Excellence (ACE) AWARD

Southwire’s facility in Huntersville, NC has again been recognized for their ongoing Air Compliance Excellence with an annual ACE Award. This award highlights Huntersville’s efforts in achieving compliance with their air quality permits – which helps reduce pollution and improves the local air quality.

The Mecklenburg County Air Quality ACE awards began in 2014 in effort to promote local industries’ efforts that are complying with the air quality permits within the county. To be eligible, the Huntersville facility had to meet all the terms of their air quality permit for an entire year. This includes submitting reports, notifications, fee payments, emission testing and annual inspection with no violations of nuisance, dust or odor complaints of the site. This is second year in a row Southwire has received this award and the fourth time overall.

With this recognition, the local community is making a public acknowledgment of Southwire’s awareness and commitment to improving the air quality in Mecklenburg County. Jamie McGrath, Huntersville’s Environmental Health and Safety Manager (EHS), explained this award would not be possible without the hardworking and dedicated individuals at their facility.

According to McGrath, in order to achieve the permitting requirements, there are many elements that go into this award on a daily basis. This includes continuation of maintaining strict data on chemicals being used, SDS management, on-time management of reporting fees, working with inspectors either during on-site inspections or through assistance requests and ensuring there are no nuisance odors or notices of violations of their permit.

“The employees make a continued effort in being diligent with all of our maintenance protocols,” said McGrath. “They are truly the boots on the ground, making sure we do not have any of those violations or emit anything harmful to the environment. “

Southwire is extremely proud of Huntersville’s ACE achievement, which coincides with our Sustainability tenet of Growing Green. This initiative includes reducing our environmental footprint, even as we grow, by sustaining our business and the communities in which we live and work.

“Our diligence and day to day efforts are continued by the work done through all facets of the organization,” said McGrath. “Here in Huntersville, we are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint, and that goes all the way from the operator, to maintenance and to management as a whole.”

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